November 30, 2022

Review on 2022 Taiwan Election - A citizen view

Raising from Ukraine war, the increasing tension aside Taiwan strait scratching world's nerve. 2022 Taiwan Election draws a high attention to worldwide press as the two main political parties, DPP and KMT, stands for opposite position toward China, and the world press seem wonder the majority of Taiwanes position whether they are pro-China hawk, DPP, or dove, KMT. However, as a citizen here, to me, little links toward pro-China or not but more links toward against press manipulation presented in this election.

As a citizen here, my votes matched the elected President in 2020(DPP)/2016(DPP)/2012(KMT) and the local mayer in 2022(KMT)/2018(KMT)/2014(KMT). I may fairly consider myself a citizen having no political party preference and the majority of society mainstream voice in most time.

It is clearly that DPP is manipulating press and try drawing society attention away from many social events. This situation had started being deteriorated before 2020.

... 火車上的300萬、南方澳大橋斷裂、普悠瑪出軌、太魯閣號事件、城中城大火、虎豹潭暴漲、武界壩無預警洩洪、大潭電廠鐵門脫軌、論文造假全黨力挺、"媒體操縱"...

I am not indifferent or have bad memory to those events, so do most citizens. The results of 2022 election reflects most citizens keep alarmed on the overwhelming power one political party in hand. Especially, when this powerful party begins corrupted, censor between parties becomes crucial. I am sincerely looking forward more political parties join and grow. Sadly, when it comes to President election, KMT and DPP are still the only parties have reasonable resources in organizing a government. To me, DPP is a B- in 2016 and C- in 2020. Now, my grade to DPP is D. On the other hand, KMT has lost my trust, as well as many citizens', in what he stands for and I do not think he could earn the trust back by 2024. Nevertheless, KMT is still an important party in censoring the government and linkage to economy. I still have hope to him and expect he could really hear citizens' voice from the elections and grow strong again. Though I have to say, the victory of KMT in 2022 may slow down his progress to grow or evaluate.

Through 2022 election, a change is happening. Many political parties emerging in 2016 election has been realigned. Some graps their niches and grow strong and some are replaced. In my opinion, a rough (very rough) ratio of political partry preference voter DPP:KMT:neutral voter:not shown to Taiwan voting structure is 1/4:1/4:1/4:1/4. Neutral voter always plays an important role in every election because if they incline to DPP or KMT will change the game. This trend becomes distinct since 2014 local mayer and 2016 President election. However, this ratio seem change since TPP emerges. The 2022 mayer election in the capitcal Taipei city reflects TPP is grown up and have resources and experence in governance.  

It is glad to see more political parties standing for various groups and values join. What would 2024 voting struction look like? As a neutral voter (in my opinion), I am also curious. I am convinced DPP and TPP will have a fierce competition. Though I am not looking forward KMT will draw the voter as 2022 election did, KMT still has its strong base. I wouldn't exclude the possibility that KMT take the advantage from the DPP and TPP fierce competition. Still 2 years on the way, no rush to make decision now. I have faith in Taiwan democracy and society.

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